cloud backupCloud backup, also known as online backup, is a strategy for backing up data that involves sending a copy of the data over a proprietary or public network to an off-site server. The server is usually hosted by a third-party service provider, who charges the backup customer a fee based on capacity, bandwidth or number of users.

Today’s businesses need end-to-end data protection that makes recovery reliable, secure and efficient.

As an integrated, comprehensive data protection solution, our Cloud Backup performs fast, efficient and secure backups of all types and locations of data

In reliable redundant datacenters, with high-speed dedicated connections to all ISPS in Kenya, the storage servers are accessible via multiple fast 1Gbps connections, and can store enormous amounts of data.

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Cloud Backup Features

1 Gbps connections to all ISPs in Kenya

  • Up to 3x copies of data are kept to ensure no data loss
  • Incremental File Versions – ensure you can rollback to an old backup copy of the file


  • Each user’s data is completely private unless shared
  • Encrypted file transfers

  • A business account can contain folders shared with staff members
  • Users can edit a file together, and roll back to older versions
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