thawte ssl certificate

The Thawte SSL Certificate , SSL123 certificate is Thawte’s best value SSL certificate. It provides validation that your domain is registered and that you have authorised the purchase of the certificate. Through SSL encryption, the certificate ensures that information is kept private between your web server and your customer’s web browser.

Thawte SSL Certificate

Inspire Customer Confidence with a thawte SSL Certificate

  • Protect your Customers’ private data
  • Secure online transactions and increase revenue

Reliable SSL Certificates from Thawte

  • Highest Browser Recognition in the industry
  • Globally recognized certificate authority
  • Free Thawte Trusted Site Seal

Highly Secure

  • Upto 256 bit Encryption Level
  • Domain and Business Verification

Easy to Install

  • Quick Issue
  • Unlimited Reissues
  • Secures Unlimited Sub-Domains

Take a look at what’s included

  • Encryption – 128-bit to 256-bit
  • Estimated Issuance Time – Same Day
  • Thawte Site Seal – thawte
  • Reissues – FREE!
  • Renewal Reminders – Included
  • Browser Compatibility – Over 99%
  • OCSP & CRL – Full Support
  • Internationalization – IDN Supported

Get your Thawte 123 SSL Certificate for Ksh 7540

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Get your Thawte SSL certificate

SSL123 by Thawte® fully supports mobile devices and continues to be an SSL Certificate of choice for our Government and Education customers.

We recommend Thawte® SSL123 for websites conducting e-commerce transactions.

SSL123 by Thawte® can be installed easily on any server, service or device that supports the use of an SSL Certificate.

  • Issued Within Minutes
  • No Paperwork / Domain Validated
  • 256 Bit Strong SSL Encryption
  • Up To 3 Years Discounted Validity
  • Delivered Via E-Mail Instantly
  • Includes Thawte® Trust Seal
  • Optional Installation Service
  • Automated Online Validation
  • Free Issuance Insurance
  • 99.9% Web Browser Ubiquity
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